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Well, Kent really....

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Welcome to the JB Media web site. This site was created
and is maintained by me, Jennifer Bentz. I am JB Media. This
site is to showcase my work that I have created while attending
The Art Institute of Seattle. Wander around my site and take
a look at everything. Feel free to contact me with any questions
or comments you have about any of the work I have done. This
site also serves as my digital resume and if you would like
to talk to me about any work you need done, go right ahead.

~Jennifer Bentz

Due to the nature of this site, it is graphic heavy.
It may take time for some pages to load, so please be patient. :)

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This site is currently still in production and construction, so some of the pages
may not be there or are pretty bare in material. This site will be completed as
soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.